Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Positive Infinity New Testament

The Positive Infinity New Testament is available as a PDF download or in print via It is the text of The Twentieth Century New Testament with spelling corrections and "missing" verses restored (from the Authorised Version or from Weymouth's New Testament). I don't know if any other modifications were made to the text.

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  1. Thanks much for linking to this, I really appreciate it.

    I've tried to keep the text as faithful to the original as possible. I have not reproduced the headings, cross-references, and paragraph structure of the original. Nor did I use its book order (the 1961 reprint reverted to the traditional one as well.)

    This, however, is a fabulous translation. I've had it online for some time and the suggestion to print it came from a gentleman who actually called my office from Manitoba (I'm in Tennessee) to ask for it.

    You and your visitors might also find two other items on my website of interest.

    The first is the preface to David Martin's translation of the New Testament. Martin was the Huguenot minister who translated the Bible into French; his translation was standard amongst French Protestants until Louis Segond's translation before World War I.

    The second is the Epistle Dedicatory to the King James Bible. It's missing from most KJV's one sees in the U.S.

    God bless!