Sunday, July 13, 2014

Waterproof Bibles

Back in 2011 I mentioned that I found a Waterproof Bible at a book store. I was looking into these again and thought I would update on other interesting products from Bardin Marsee Publishing. Back then I found NIV(1984), KJV, NLT and ESV. They now offer NIV (2011), NKJV and Reina Valera 1960 Bibles. They also have weatherproof, stain resistant synthetic leather covers for the full size Bibles. Covers for their New Testaments are available on a custom basis. Space pens and dry highlighters offer the ability to write in and highlight your Bible in any weather. Waterproof journals, spiral notebooks and sketchbooks round out the new items. One of the reasons I took another look at these is due to a review I read at the Bible Buying Guide. Many of these items are available on Amazon and

I should mention that I have tried running water over this Bible. The publisher's claims are accurate. Here's the "About this Bible" section from the copyright page:

The Waterproof Bible is printed on 100% plastic. This material is both waterproof and tear-resistant with normal use. This material is adversely affected by temperatures above 150 F. If this product freezes while wet, thaw before opening. This durable format can be dried with a towel or by standing on the spine with the pages up. Water will cause the pages to adhere to one another, but once dry, they will return to their original condition. Petroleum products can cause the ink of this product to smear, so keep it away from all such products, including bug spray.

I've seen this recommended for missionaries. It would indeed be a good Bible for such use. However, bug spray (especially that with high concentrations of DEET) should be kept away from the pages. If you get the spray on your hands, you could damage the Bible when reading.

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