Friday, July 11, 2014

Simplified Cowboy Version

This version is another one that comes courtesy of the people at the Bible Versions Discussions/Dialogue group on Facebook. The Simplified Cowboy Version is the work of Jake Hershey (Author), Kelli Sullenger (Editor) and Kevin Weatherby (Contributor). The description on Amazon states:
"This paraphrase is not a Bible, but the hope and prayer is that a person might come to know Christ better and open a real Bible and get to know Him."
So far, Proverbs, Matthew and Romans have been completed. Genesis 1 is available on the website of the Campfire Cowboy Ministries:
The outfit, which the Boss elected to call heavens and earth, hadn’t been surveyed, staked, nor fenced yet, and was kinda empty, and darkness covered all the tanks, springs, creeks, rivers and lakes. And the Spirit of the Boss was hovering over the surface of those waters.
Campfire Cowboy Ministries also has a Facebook Page.

Thanks to DJ for notice of this version

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