Friday, February 21, 2014

Modern Evangelical Version

This new find comes courtesy of William Paul, author of English Language Bible Translators. He notified me of the Modern Evangelical Version New Testament by Robert Thomas Helm. It was published about one year ago through Xlibris books. It is based largely on the UBS 1993 Greek text. It is a dynamic equivalent translation into the colloquial English of the 21st century.


  1. I know that this post is old. But, I got the ebook from amazon. I have been reading about single column paragraph format bibles in this blog and the bible design blog. This version in the ebook fits the bill for me. just my 2 cents worth. wish that the translator would complete the ot.

  2. Hello Bradford, this Frank Monroe from Cincinnati. We had some email exchanges several years ago in which I provided numerous leads and info on various translation for your book. I just acquired the MEV at a used book store and plan to start reading soon. FYI, the translator is an SDA pastor in my area on the Ohio River boarder with Indiana (also just a few miles north of Kentucky).

    1. I remember very well! You gave me a lot of help with new versions as well as valuable editing advice on my book. Thank you for the update on this version.