Friday, February 24, 2012

New Douai Rheims Bible

The New Douai Rheims Bible is based on the original Rheims NT from 1582 and the Douai OT from 1609-10. The reviser has changed the spelling and punctuation. The books recognized as apocryphal by protestants have been removed. The editor(s) retyped the entire Bible from a microfiche copy of the original Douai Rheims Bible! This self-published Bible is available through the website, eBay or through Amazon. The Bible is a product of Straightway Ministries.


  1. I find it curious that a "re-issue" of the Douay-Rheims Bible (cleary a Catholic Bible) would omit what they call the Apocrypha (a Protestant term). I do not know anything about the people behind this, but I am not sure I would want a Protestant group to produce a Catholic Bible. (Just as I would be suspicious of a Catholic group producing an edition of the KJV).

  2. The New Douai Rheims Bible is a Christian book, that I would that all Christians would get a chance to read. Some very interesting verses have been disguised in other translations differing from those in the Douai Rheims, which can reveal a new message to the reader.
    For example: Jude 5 "But I will admonish you, that once know all things, that Jesus, saving the people out of the land of Egypt, secondly destroyed them which believed not". This verse puts the name of "Jesus" in check with the Old Testament. A whole study of cross referencing and identifying Him and what He did is open to the reader, if you have the original text. The Latin text "Commonere autem vos volo, scientes semel omnia, quoniam Iesus populum de terra Aegypti salvans, secundo eos, qui non crediderunt, perdidit:
    The Douai Rheims is an excellent translator almost word for word true in gender, case, number and tense. The Latin Vulgate, possibly being the oldest translation in the world is brought to life by the Douai Rheims. We have retyped, reformatted, respelled, and changed punctuation in alliance with the Vulgate; but, have left all words in their original text in 1 volume.
    Yet, I have not been the first to remove the apocryphal books. The KJV did in 1885. I have included in the back of The New Douai Rheims Bible a short essay, "An Analogy of the Apocryphal Books". May post it to my website soon.
    -Nancy Larson Straightway Ministries

  3. remove the deuterocanonical books it is dishonest to the people who made it. They don't know anything about the books better yet in the year 1600's hundreds the Queen demanded a law to whoever publicized a bible without a apocryphal books where to be punished in prison. These people knew already that the books were and are canonists because the Septuagint had them and that was the bible of the apostles and the church received it from them. Including it is even possible that our lord Jesus Christ may have even had it in his hands and may have read it. with what power was the church going to be able to take them away if the apostles had taught with that bible.