Sunday, February 26, 2012

Composite Bible

This one is a "three for the price of one" deal. This is the Composite Bible by Gary D. Rose. It has three versions in parallel (horizontally). There are modified versions of Webster's, Darby's and Young's Bibles. The principal modification has been to replace "Jehovah" with "Yahweh." In the New Testament "Jesus" is replaced with "Iesous [Yashua]." There are several formats available: A software version with installer, PDF format and a print-on-demand from

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  1. There are also combinations of more than three Bibles within the composite bible program. Bibles in their original book order. A text stream Bible which compares the two major Greek text streams and their English translations. The Bible as first century Christians would have known it; with Septuaigint Greek for the Old Testament and Koine Greek for the New. Additionally, there are numerous internet links, two different reading plans and many, many sermons and Bible study outlines. The World version has 26 foreign languages. The CBE (Composite Bible English) also has Hebrew, Latin and Greek Combinations. There even are combinations of more than three Greek New testaments.