Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adobe Reader for iPad / GoodReader

For those of you trying to read Bibles or books on your iPad there is now another option. Adobe has released a free acrobat reader for the iPad. I found out about it on the App Shopper website. There is an excellent description of the program there. I was able to open PDFs I had been reading in GoodReader using the "Open In" feature. I need to test it with some of the PDFs that crashed other readers. Oh, yes, the reader is available for the iPhone as well.

I will probably continue to use GoodReader. It is my favorite application on the iPad hands down. It reads pdf, html, txt, doc, images, audio and video. It has an easy to use transfer utility built right in (no cable needed). It can also sync with online file storage. Annotations are easy - including writing or drawing freehand. I am using it to edit the new version of my book, "The Encyclopedia of English Bible Versions."

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