Friday, June 17, 2011

International Society of Bible Collectors Annual Meeting

According to Bible Editions and Versions the Annual Meeting of the International Society of Bible Collectors will be held October 28-29, 2011. It will be at the Dunham Bible Museum at Houston Baptist University (7502 Fondren Road, Houston, TX). I have not heard anything about hotel/motel arrangements. The ISBC web site is not updated much at all (member sites are not added, the home button doesn't work, etc), so only last year's conference is listed. But when I get more information I will post it here.

I attended last year's conference and had a wonderful time. There were several good talks given, interesting tours and a lot of great fellowship. There are usually some neat Bibles, leaves and books for sale as well. I look forward to going again this year. I hope to meet some of you that I've corresponded with via e-mail!

If you haven't joined the ISBC yet, go ahead and join now! Membership is just $30 USD per year. This included subscription to the journal, Bible Editions and Versions. If you purchase a lifetime membership for $500 you will receive a lifetime BEV subscription and several books on CD (I believe this includes Chamberlin's Catalogue of English Bible Translations). For full details, contact Mr. Ohlhausen, the membership director. You can find his contact information on the ISBC Contact Page.

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