Monday, May 30, 2011

Something Unusual for Memorial Day

Today I present for your perusal The Chronicle Project. This group present their theory of "Self Defining Hebrew." According to this theory, each Hebrew letter is actually a word. Using this system, they have begun to translate the Book of Genesis. Samples of their work are available (click on BOOKS). These present first a parallel literal English/Hebrew followed by a paraphrased English version. The information under Home, Discoveries states that this is not a translation, but a restoration.

As an example, their paraphrased English version of Exodus 20:1-3 reads "And so the supreme ones decreed all of the decrees and declared: I, Ruler of all supreme ones who created what you have, the one who progressed your people by colonizing you in the land of Egypt, that house of service. Do not seek the council of the supremes behind my back to seek council."


  1. Fixed the link to the Chronicle Project. Sorry about that!

  2. It's a task to get the meanings of many Bible passages because the "translations" are actually interpretations based on often faulty opinions or prejudice of interpreters. One Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek word is translated as up to 100 different often unrelated English words and visa versa.
    What I like about the Chronicle Project is they only use one English word for one Hebrew word. That makes some difficulties since Hebrew is a verbal language and English is noun based which is why the paraphrasing helps.