Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Shaw's Revised King James Bible

I'd been waiting for this Bible to clear copyright issues for some time. I missed it coming out a couple months ago. An interesting side note to this Bible is that Dr. Shaw earned his doctorate, wrote a book and produced this Bible version all while in in prison. He has "made revisions and amendments to correct the flaws, errors, and interpolations that are in today's Bible." Click the links below to see more information on

The Shaw's Revised King James Holy Bible

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  1. If you wish, you can read "Dr." Shaw's own retelling of his life story (complete with atrocious grammatical and spelling errors) on his blog. (His blog is apparently maintained by a prison support group.)

    He is currently serving life for murder and rape. "Prison doctors expelled Shaw from [the sex offender's treatment program] in 1999 on the grounds that he had refused to participate fully and had failed to acknowledge the seriousness of his crimes and violent sexual tendencies," thus he is not eligible for parole at any point. You can read one of the court decisions in his case here.