Monday, December 13, 2010

Bible Facsimiles

I try to keep an updated listing of Bible facsimiles (including re-typeset editions) available. I have updated the list this morning. Please contact me if you know of a facsimile that is not listed on my Bible Facsimiles and Ancient Bible Reprints page.


  1. Hello, Do you want to only include those facsimilies currently available? If not, there are some facsimiles of Tyndale, and the KJV listed on And, some reprints of Coverdale.

  2. I intend to list every facsimile both past and present eventually. Some do come available even though they're out of print. I saw a couple of the World Publishing facsimiles of the 1611 AV on E-bay recently.

  3. The Paradine Tyndale NT of 1526 is available on e-bay now (Dec 15) at opening at about $700.