Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mom's Bible

A while back I received a complimentary copy of The Mom's Bible: God's Wisdom for Mothers from I look for good Bibles to give to my parishoners so I was interested in this one for the women of my church.
The translation in this Bible is the New Century Version. There are introductions to each book as well as introductions to some sections within the book. There are frequent devotional sections included in boxes on the page such as "walking in authority," "walking in worship." There are also "insights" and "passing it on" included throughout the Bible.
The layout of the Bible is simple - not cluttered. I prefer a simple layout as this makes for easier and smoother reading. It has a tasteful gray decorative border around the edges. There is not a lot of room for notes so those who like to write in the margins will be disappointed. It is a sturdy hardback, touted as a “companion to the Dad’s Bible.”
The New Century Version was designed to be easier to read and has been used and revised for children's Bibles. It does use gender neutral renderings for many passages especially those referring to people. This version has been revised (in 1991) and does not necessarily match up with versions that are part of the same family (such as the International Children’s Bible and the English Version for the Deaf).
My final test for this Bible was to see if my wife liked it. She wasn't ready to give up her current study Bibles in favor of this one. She didn't want the NCV text as her main Bible. So, while she felt this was a decent Bible, it wasn't one she would choose.
I might recommend this Bible to others in the church. The text can be very helpful for those struggling to read other Bible versions. The “insights” that I read appeared Biblical and encouraging. As with any Bible that adds extra material the quality of that material varies.

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