Friday, May 28, 2010

King James 1611 Bible 400th Anniversary Edition

Thought some of you might like an opportunity to get an actual sized Authorised Bible facsimile. The seller bought several to give as gifts, then got stuck with extras. Normally this sells for about $750 with a 1611 Bible leaf. On he is selling them for $375. It doesn't come with the leaf, but is a brand new, full size facsimile.

This is a "He" Bible since Ruth 3:15 reads "he went into the city." This is, according to Herbert's "Historical Catalogue of Printed Bibles" #309, the first edition of the Authorised or "King James" Bible. It is printed on heavy paper - just as the original is described. The covers feel like a leather covered box lid. It gives this Bible a true sense of majesty. The print is dark and clear to read. The calendars which originally had red print still have their color. The binding is a glued binding, unlike the original, but opens nicely and appears to lay reasonably flat. Mine does not appear to be numbered. The size is at least as big as the original - the measurements listed in Herbert's book are actually slightly smaller. This Bible has a wonderful feel and appearance whether you are displaying it or reading the text. There were 10 available originally - no idea how many are left.

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  1. I weighed my copy the other day. It weighs about 20 pounds!