Friday, May 28, 2010

Bible In Its Traditions

This has been announced earlier on other blogs, but I didn't realize that it may have an updated Bible text. The web site is the Bible In Its Traditions (abbreviated BEST because the French title is "La Bible en ses Traditions"). My guess is that the Bible text used is an updated New Jerusalem Bible, but it could be a new translation entirely. The original Jerusalem Bible was a translation and minor revision from the French. Does anyone know for sure what this version really is? More information about the project can be found at Ecole biblique.

{Corrected, 2010-06-01} I should have spent less time comparing this to Jerusalem Bible and the New JB. Then I might have noticed it is the KJV text. Not sure why they posted this version, but I'll watch their website for future developments.

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  1. The easiest to comprehend, reliable and updated translation of thew Bible is the King James Version. It's the most widely accepted and used.