Friday, December 19, 2008

Christian Community Bible

I recently received an e-mail from a gentleman who is researching the different revisions of the Christian Community Bible originally translated by Bernardo Hurault. This Bible is continually being updated/revised and has many different editions (41 so far).

Question 1: Can you provide any of the editions (and copyright dates) not listed here?
1st Edition: 1988
2nd Edition: 1989
11th Edition: 1994
17th Edition: 1995
36th Edition 2004
37th Edition: 2005
41st Edition 2008

Question 2: Sometime after edition #2 and before edition #11 the revisers began to switch to inclusive language. For example, in Psalm 1:1 it reads "Blessed is the one." If you have an edition from 3 to 10, please check Psalm 1:1 and let us know.

Question 3: Revisions are continuously made to these editions. If you know of any other differences please let us know that too.

If you have any information, would you kindly leave a comment here? Thank you!


  1. Late news:
    II [2nd] Edition: © 1988. Imprimatur: no date given. 1148 & 516 pp; 2 maps. / Ps. 1: Blessed is the man ....
    Third Revised Ed. © 1988. printed 1992 or earlier. . Imprimatur: no date. 1032 & 470 pp; 2 maps. / Ps. 1: Blessed is the man ....
    Thirty-fifth Ed. © 2004. Imprimatur: no date. 1964 & (2) pp. 8 color plates. / Ps. 1: Blessed is the one ...

    1. Pleasure! Always! Last night I ordered the 27th edition. (no date given by seller) If it's on my desk, I'll give details. I'm currently browsing through all your posts; maybe I find some more topics to comment on.

  2. Twenty-seventh Edition, © 1999; no Imprimature date given. Published by the Claretians, Quezon City. Format 12°, red hardcover version; 1110, 510 & (14) pp. thumb indexed; 2 colour plates; Psalm 1: »Blessed is the one …« More details soon.

  3. Twenty–ninth Edition © 2002; c. 1619 pp (unconfirmed)
    Publisher: Claretian Communications Foundation. No further information

  4. Here some more informations about the CCB, gleaned from various sources, most are confirmed by checking out the imprint data.
    18th ed. 1995
    22th ed. 1997
    27th ed. 1998
    29th ed. 2002
    38th ed. 2005
    47th ed. 2010
    52nd ed. 2012
    53rd ed. 2012
    55th ed. 2012
    CCB Versions published in English since 1988: In the Philippines, USA, England, Ghana and Nigeria. If the Scripture texts are identical in the various editions cannot be said with certainty. I'd like to get in contact with the person who wanted the information!
    birnbaum from Germany