Monday, February 10, 2020

Refreshed American Standard Version

I just ran across this one while looking for something else.  This is the Refreshed American Standard Version. The New Testament and Psalms are finished.  You can download those and the currently finished portions of the Old Testament at their website.

It is available on Amazon as well.  From Amazon:

For decades, scholars have referred to the American Standard Version as the "Rock of Biblical Honesty," and have held convictions that "interest in it should be renewed and increased, with the chief inducement being its recognized value which deserves and demands perpetuation."

Like our ASV predecessors, the RASV is resolutely committed to the Formal Equivalence translation philosophy, and has endeavored to handle the English text with both deference and reserve, intending this standard ought merely to be refreshed, rather than revised, or replaced.

Changes made to the ASV within the limited scope of the refreshing of the English text include archaic personal pronouns (i.e. thee, thou, thine, thy, thyself, ye), archaic verb terminations (i.e. -est, -st, -th), and antiquated vocabulary, spelling, and grammar resulting from semantic shift.
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