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Review: Zondervan NASB Classic Reference Bible

Review:  Zondervan NASB Classic Reference Bible

I recently received Zondervan's NASB Classic Reference Bible for review purposes.  The receipt of this Bible did not affect my review either way.

The retail price for this is $59.99; It sells online for about $38.00 (USD).  The same text block bound in bonded leather sells for about $12 less.

This Bible is bound in top grain leather.  This type of binding often causes confusion.  When we see the phrase "top grain leather" it is natural to think "top quality leather."  But it is much different from Zondervan's "premium leather" bindings (such as their Giant Print Compact NIV).  This top grain leather feels like bonded leather.  It is a bit stiff and has the same finish as that applied to bonded leather.  Top grain leather is not, however, a composite product like bonded leather.  I would like to see a top grain leather Bible after 10-20 years of use to see how it holds up over time.  The binding on this is exactly like that on Zondervan's NASB Study Bible.

This is sold as a "lay-flat" Bible.  When first unwrapped, it definitely needs work.
Zondervan recommends "loosening the binding of your new Bible by gently pressing on a small section of page at a time from the center."  Also, like many new Bibles, the pages stick together because of the gold page edging.
Fanning the page corners through a few times releases all or most of those corners.  Doing this and pressing the sections the Bible lay fairly flat.  It looks like frequent use will soon loosen this Bible up nicely.
The paper used in this Bible is average quality.  Show through of the text may bother some readers who are sensitive to "ghosting."  On pages with charts or more white space the page takes on a grey background due to the show through.  Pages with more text are much better.

The font size is about 8-9 points.  I wear progressive lenses; this text is a bit small for my eyes.  There is always a trade off between text size and Bible size.  This is a thin, easily portable Bible.  That means the font size is smaller to compensate.

Overall, I wouldn't be as likely to use this Bible.  That is because of my eyesight and problems with show through.  There isn't anything wrong with this Bible; it is a solidly built book with a great text.  But I prefer 10-11 point text for my daily reading and study.  My ideal Bible would be exactly like Zondervan's NIV Giant Print Compact but with the NASB instead.

I look forward to seeing what Zondervan NASB Bibles will come out with the new update to the NASB text.

The Bible:
  • Published by Zondervan
  • Printed in China
  • Black Top Grain Leather
  • 1,263 pages
  • Sewn Binding
  • Lays Flat
  • Bible Measures 5.625 inches wide x 8.875 inches high x 1.188 inches thick
  • Gold Page Edging
  • Presentation Page
  • Kept in a smoke free environment.
  • Retail Price = $59.99
  • ISBN: 978-0-310-93129-4

Introductory Material:
  • Foreword
  • Preface to the New American Standard Bible
  • Principles of Translation
  • Explanation of General Format
  • Abbreviations and Special Markings

The Text:
  • New American Standard Bible (1995)
  • This is #8100.120 in The Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions
  • Double Column Text
  • Approximately 8-9 Point Type
  • Verse by Verse Format
  • Paragraph Markers
  • Center Column References
  • Center Column Textual References
  • Words of Christ in Red
  • Chapter Headings
  • Sectional Headings
Study Helps:
  • Concordance
  • Promises from the Bible
  • Perspectives from the Bible
  • Color Maps
Extra Features:
  • Warranty: Six years for defective binding
  • Gold Filigree on Inside of Cover
  • Average Paper - show through may bother some readers
  • In-Text Charts
  • In-Text Maps
  • In-Text Diagrams
  • Book Introductions
  • Book Outlines

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