Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Layman's Translation of the New Testament

I was recently notified of the Layman's Translation of the New Testament by Joel Cartmell.  It was edited by his wife, Lorraine Cartmell.  There is a PDF available for free on Scribd or a print copy can be ordered on  You might also want to read his personal testimony.  The preface reads as follows:
This is a dynamic equivalent translation, which is a cross between a literal translation and a paraphrase. Parts of this translation are translated word for word, and other parts are paraphrased. I would not recommend this translation for bible study unless a literal translation is used alongside it. The purpose of this translation is to make the New Testament easy to read and understand. I am only a layman, and I have no credentials. But I love the bible and wanted to translate the New Testament in a way that I could easily understand and quickly read through. I have worked on this for many years under much affliction, but I thank God for His grace! I could not have done this without God’s help. I also thank God for my wife. She has helped me greatly and has patiently supported me. I thank the Lord for my daughter Jaine, and the little one that is on its way! I also thank the Lord for all that my parents have done for us.

Link thanks to JH.

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