Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bible Hunting Update

I've received several notices about new versions but haven't had time to get them all listed.  Here they are (initials of the contributor follow each item):

My Personal Book of Yahuwah by Glenn Wilson, 2011.  A sacred name revision of the KJV.  GK
An Abridgment of the New Testament by Sarah Trimmer, 18??.  GK.
Pauline Theology: A Study in Galatians by Joel D. Martin, 2004.  K
Watchman's Bible: Yehovah's Second Testament by Richard H. Perry, 2015. JH
The Fusion English Version by Daniel Harder, 2015 (John only so far).  A revision of the WEB.  JH
The Holy City Bible, August 2015.  Catholic.  JH
Byzantine New Testament.  Possibly the WEB, unsure of changes.  JH

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