Monday, February 9, 2015

The Morning Star Vision Bible

This is a new series by Rick Joyner. According to the Amazon page:
The most basic purpose of The MorningStar Vision Bible is accuracy and faithfulness to the intended meaning of the Author, The Holy Spirit. His written Word reveals the path to life, salvation, transformation, deliverance, and healing for every soul who would seek to know God. The universe is upheld by the Word of His Power, so there is no stronger foundation that we could ever build our lives on other than His Word. Therefore, we have pursued this project with the utmost care in that what is presented here is His Word and not ours. We were very careful not to let anyone work on it that had an agenda other than a love for the truth and the deepest respect for the fact that we were handling the most precious treasure-- God's own word.

So far he has finished:

Thanks for this find goes to K.

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