Friday, December 5, 2014

Qetura New Testament

The Qetura New Testament was done by Christopher Anderson. It appears it may be a revision of the King James Version. This version uses "Yahshua" for "Jesus" and "Yahweh" for "God." Only a small preview is available on The description of this work on reads:
The New Testament. Africa has a rich history with the Bible & the Jews. This history & culture is highlighted in this new version. Jesus`s Jewish name(Yahshua) is also used to take the messiah & the New Testament back to its Jewish roots
A description found on Facebook reads as follows:
A New Testament from a biblical African/ Jewish view. Finally our take on it. Started with Jews & Africa. Africa is mentioned in Genesis 2nd chapter, first book of the Bible. Its not a white man religion. Started in east ,not the west. Enjoy

Thanks to JH for this discovery!


  1. I did revise it from the kjv but im working on a complete version in standard English ,which of course takes longer. African need a version for ourselves with no outside help unless its from jews. This will help the version stay in accuracy.

  2. & I change the name to Yeshua, the jewish version, for less comfusion.

  3. Replies
    1. Chris, I would like to know where appear in your translation the name "Yahweh."