Saturday, June 7, 2014

Classic Note Bible

I've seen Bibles with extra margins for note taking. I've also seen homemade Bibles with a blank page in between the pages for note taking. But this is the first Bible I've seen with pages already bound in for taking notes. The paper is standard Bible paper, so it is thin. But it looks a lot smaller than the homemade one I was planning. This is the King James Bible, genuine leather, made by Anchor Bible Concepts. Visit their website to take a look. Thanks to PS for this link.


  1. How do you know this is a KJV? I have read the Anchor Bible Concepts web pages and it does not state that fact.

    1. Visit this link: Where it says "click to enlarge, click it. The picture shows the spine says "King James Version." Also, I bought one and can verify it is KJV.