Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gospel of God in Christ

Today's entry was sent to me by the translator, Kevin Krall. His work is called the "Gospel of God in Christ." It is "A Synonymous Translation [of Paul's letters] in Effectively Enhanced English." Mr. Krall writes that some of the highlights are:
  • Two Versions - Study Version & Reading Version
  • All Significant In Christ Scriptures - Highlighted
  • All Prayers Of Paul - Highlighted
  • Synonyms & Iterations for Greek word to English word(s) Equivalency
  • Key Word Glossary with Greek word and Strong's Number
He provides both a reading version and a study version. The study version has synonyms of key words in parentheses similar to the Amplified Bible. Not only has he translated the letters, but also takes advantage of web programming and social media to make an online presentation of his work. His website includes a full introduction, description of his translation method and much more, so visit The Gospel of God in Christ to learn more.

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