Sunday, March 30, 2014

Clear Preferred Version

Another new version is in the works. It appears in the writings of Don Stanton on the Maranatha Revival Crusade website. It is called "a Clear, Preferred Version." You will have to sift through many writings to find his Scriptures. I found it the easiest to check the books page. His version is in MM#94 "LIFE & TEACHINGS OF Y’SHUA MESSIAH" and in MM#092b, the Psalms. However, the Psalms do not say "Clear Preferred Version." An introduction on the website states:
The intent of the CPV is to provide a clear version of the Scriptures in modern English, which is true to the original manuscripts, and the revealed, sacred Name of YHWH (the Almighty). It also prefers to use the original Hebrew form of our Saviour's Name - Y'SHUA the Messiah.

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