Saturday, October 19, 2013

John Bowes Bible

I just received my copy of Bible Editions and Versions, the journal of the International Society of Bible Collectors. This time in "Quickreads" a Bible by John Bowes is mentioned. I never got to read it before, though I mentioned it my book. Today I discovered a copy for free reading or download on Google Books! If you are interested, go get your copy of The New Testament Translated from the Purest Greek by Jown Bowes today!


  1. Has anyone been able to make a pdf file for this? I need a copy and am not able to make a pdf from the above link.

  2. Go to "My Books" on Google Books. Look for "The New Testament: Translated from the Purest" On mine it is a purple cover. Put the mouse pointer over that book. You should see three white dots on the upper right corner of the book cover. Click those dots and a menu should pop up. One of the choices is "Download PDF." It took me forever to find that out!