Sunday, September 22, 2013

The New Old American Standard Version

I'm sure most of you know about the New American Standard Bible (Update) that was released in 1995. But there is a new edition of the 1977 New American Standard Version now (thanks to JH for the link and information). It is the "The Holy Bible NASB 1977 Modernized." Currently, The Lockman Foundation has only released it for the Kindle. According to the website:
ninety-nine archaic English words such as, "Thy", "Thee", "doth", "morrow", and similar have been modernized to improve readability. No other changes have been made to this 1977 text of the NASB.
The Kindle version includes a list of all the words that have been changed. I will try to keep watch and post notice if paper versions are published.

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  1. The only reason I can see why anyone would want the original NASB is if they WANTED the thees and thous in the Psalms. So modernizing those kind of defeats the purpose. Same thing with the RSV-CE2 which removes the final vestiges of the thees and thous from Psalms. I kind of actually liked that these translations retained archaic language when God is addressed directly in prayer.

    As for the NASB in general, and the same goes for the NKJV, I have found that capitalizing He when it refers to Jesus gets annoying fast. It hinders readability in my opinion.