Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TTT Translation

Just a quick notice before I head to work this morning. I just heard about a translation called the TTT Translation. No idea what "TTT" stands for just yet. It is available for free online and in a low cost paperback from


  1. After a quick glance, it appears to either be based on the Textus Receptus, or is an updated version of the KJV--but much more than just updating the spelling of the words. It appears he went through the whole NT manually and updated it the right way instead of with massive "find/replace" commands in Microsoft Word. I think I may just download this one.

  2. Also just noticed on the print page information that this is an actual translation, not just an updating. Based on the Greek (and Latin?) sources.

  3. It's a recursive acronym: TTT stands for The TTT Translation.

    The translation base is a mix of two Latin translations of the Textus Receptus along with the Vulgate, checked occasionally against the KJV, ASV and Challoner to make sure I wasn't straying too far when translating.

  4. Buricco, would you mind emailing me? I have a question about your translation.


  5. Done.

    My mail has a habit of hitting people's spamtraps, if you don't find it.

  6. Interesting...I'm not seeing it in any of the folders (spam, trash, inbox, etc...).

    Tell you what, could you send it to the same email address, just at instead of

  7. Hello Burrico,
    I wanted to get your thoughts on a recording I made of Matthew 1 from the TTT Translation. You can find it on under "TTT" and "Community Audio". I am interested in what you think of it before I record the other 259 chapters!


  8. I need the hard copy of ttt bible