Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Book: The Quingential Way

New Book Release:

The Quingential Way contains John 14:6 from 500 different English versions ("quingenti" means 500 in Latin). Each is listed in the order of its first publication. Please note that revisions were published at different times and will be listed according to the revision date, not that of the original version. Differences in punctuation, spelling, and formatting are all considered in determining a different version. Thus, many will appear nearly identical. Those that were completely identical were not included. Other versions vary wildly from the expected translation. One version even numbered verses differently so it isn’t even the same sentence at all (1861, Leonard Thorn)! That’s why I have included 501 to compensate for this difference. This book is a result of the study that went into developing The Encyclopedia of English Language Bible Versions.

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