Monday, December 17, 2012

King James Bible Edition Question

In 1869 Constantine Tischendorf published The New Testament: The Authorised English Version; With Introduction, And Various Readings From The Three Most Celebrated Manuscripts Of The Original Greek Text. The question is this: what edition of the King James Bible did Tischendorf use to compare with those three manuscripts?


  1. I would think it was the most common edition in use the 4th Edition - the standard text of 1769 4th Edition meaning not revision

  2. I suspect Tischendorf used a Cambridge UP edition; some of his readings are Cambridge specialties (e.g. "axe" in Matt. 3:10; nearly all other mid-19th century KJVs had the spelling "ax"). I've checked him against an 1867 Cambridge KJV and don't see any differences. His source certainly wasn't the 1769 edition (unlike 1769, he has "above" in 2 Cor. 12:2 and "still" in Rom. 11:23).