Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Doric New Testament

Doric is a dialect of Scots spoken in the North-East part of Scotland. While it is debated whether or how Scots is related to English, I'll include a note about this new version here. The Doric New Testament was created by Gordon McKenzie Hay. It is due to be released at the end of October. You can read a bit more in this article on STV News. Here is a sample Scripture:
The Acks o the Apostles, Chaptir 14, verse 8

**Noo, at Lystra, there was a cripple mannie vrang amo e feet fae e day he wis born, nivver haein waalkit. He wis hearknin tae Paul as he spak, an Paul, leukin him straicht in e ee an seein he hid e faith tae be made aa better, says till him wi a lood vice: "Stan straicht up on yer feet!" He jumpit up an set oot waalkin. An fan e crood saa fit Paul hid deen, they roart oot o them in their ain tongue, "E gods hiv come dooon till hiz in e form o a mannie."

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