Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Social Media Version Bible

What would the Bible sound like if it was first given to us today? One group thinks that it would have terms such as "tweet," "share" and others relating to social media. In their own words:
Welcome to the 1st ever Social Media Version Bible. Launched in 2011 from a small number of verses in the book of Proverbs that we translated with social media terms. Terms such as Tweet, Post, Share. The idea is to show people how the principles & values we read in the Bible still apply to our lives on social media. We are not looking to be a new version of the bible but instead we are a movement of young people devoted to living our lives by the Word of God. We are also passionate about inspiring this generation of young people to pick up their actual bibles and read them on a daily basis.
This is from the Social Media Version Bible where "the Bible meets social media." For instance, Matthew 5:29 is rendered "If your twitter causes you to stumble delete it. Deleting it is better than being thrown into hell. #Matthew 5:29 #smvbible" So far, only a few verses have been revised. This project was started by Daniel Norris who says he wants to encourage others to read through the Bible as he did in 2011.


  1. I am unable to locate anything on the Internet for this so-called Bible. I was told, as an AD on my grandson's Facebook, that Proverbs was complete but I am unable to find it. Above you quote Matt 5:29 but where can one find it? billc

  2. It looks like the website link above is now down.