Friday, January 13, 2012

Encyclopedia of English Language Bible Versions

Yes, it is finally going to get finished. I have signed a contract with McFarland Publishing to publish my Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions. Of course the title isn't definite yet, but should be something similar. I will be delivering the manuscript in a couple months. If you know of any new Bible translations even if it is a project just getting started, please let me know. I have a special page of questions I haven't gotten answered yet. I would appreciate any information you can share. Thank you!

Also, I want to personally thank Bill Paul for encouraging me to pursue publication with McFarland. I told him they wouldn't be likely to publish it. How delighted I am to be wrong!

There are a lot more "thank you"s due many, many of you. I appreciate all the help you have given as I've searched for English Bibles, translators and Scripture quotes.

This is a culmination of about 17 years of study on this topic. I hope that the publication of this work will be a help to some one else in their studies.

I will post more when other details become available.

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