Thursday, December 29, 2011

No Copyright Version

Just found another attempt to produce a copyright free version of the Bible. This one is just the book of Galatians so far. It is found at Brian's Blog. He is working from the interlinear Greek New Testament. He is calling it the NCV (no copyright version). The abbreviation is unfortunate since there is already the New Century Version already abbreviated NCV. There is a copyright free revision of the American Standard Version online called the Digital American Standard Version. Brian's work is being done so that their church can print out sections of the Bible for careful Bible study.

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  1. If you produce a copyright free book, then you are allowing someone else to copyright it and charge you money for using your own work. Don't believe me? I've seen it done wit textbooks. A copyright is a method of securing authoriship or translatorship. A copyright doesn't mean money must be involved. Wise up or you could lose control of something you may put your life into.