Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Old Testament for Everyone

Many of you are probably familiar with the New Testament for Everyone by N. T. Wright. I just noticed that Westminster John Knox Press has started the Old Testament for Everyone series. This is being written by John Goldingay. So far I've found Genesis for Everyone: Chapters 1-16, Genesis for Everyone: Chapters 17-50, Exodus and Leviticus for Everyone, Numbers and Deuteronomy for Everyone, Joshua, Judges, and Ruth for Everyone, 1 and 2 Samuel for Everyone, 1 and 2 Kings for Everyone and 1 and 2 Chronicles for Everyone. W/JK Press has an interview with Goldingay online here.


  1. Please note that the Old Testament for Everyone only presents excerpts from the Scriptures, not a translation and exegesis of all the verses, as the New Testament for Everyone presents.

  2. Forgive the off-topic comment here, but I thought you might want to make a post on HarperCollins (News Corporation) buying Thomas Nelson Publishers.

    See here for details.

    This will give HarperCollins three Bible publishing imprints: Zondervan (NIV etc.), Thomas Nelson (NKJV etc.), and HarperOne (NRSV etc.)

  3. Thank for both these notes! I apologize for not getting your comments up earlier - for some reason I never got a notice that comments were posted.