Saturday, July 2, 2011

English Bible Version Explorer

There is always something new and unusual popping up over at Bibliographic, a blog dedicated to "Bible Visualization and Analysis Tools and Techniques." The latest, English Bible Version Explorer, makes use of the links list from my site. He has processed the list of links and built them into an interactive graph and listing. The graph shows the number of Bibles by year and the listing shows the corresponding titles. You can click on the titles in the list to visit the websites of those versions.

One limitation I can see is that the data only shows those Bibles that have websites listed. Also, every Bible published is counted - so it isn't an accurate picture of how many distinct versions came out. These limitations are caused by the way my listing is put together. However, it is amazing to see how he has taken my simple listing and turned it into an interactive, visual application.

You'd do well to add BiblioGraphic to your list of blogs to watch. He is great at turning huge databases into fascinating and informative visual applications.

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