Friday, July 30, 2010

Psalmes of King David Translated by King James

I've added a new reprint to the Museum Store. (Under facsimile Bibles, then scroll down to 4. 1611 to 1901 Bibles). It is the Psalmes of King David attributed to King James and published in 1631.

Some believe that King James did not do the translation work and suggest that Sir William Alexander was the translator. Others point to statements by Alexander about James' insistence on his translations to suggest King James did indeed do the translation work. Thomas Young wrote that King James translated only 31 of the Psalms before his death and that Alexander revised and finished the translation. No matter what the actual authorship was, this book of Psalms was published after King James' death by his son, King Charles. It was not well received by the church.

This is a reprint made from scans of an original. There are marks from the original, a very few pages have lost some text in the gutter, several pages have lost part of the catchword. Overall, this is a readable copy of a very rare work.

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