Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Voice of Psalms - a review

The Voice of Psalms: Psalms Retold by the Friends of Ecclesia Bible Society - a review

This volume doesn’t look or feel like the average Bible. It is printed on heavy paper that has a colored background picture to make it look like old paper. Each Psalms is set apart by a horizontal border making it easy to find a particular chapter. It is also set up as a devotional with reflections or devotions every few pages. Twenty-eight day and forty day reading plans are included as well. This is another installment in Thomas Nelson’s new translation “The Voice.” This version will eventually cover the entire Bible.

This is an easy to use copy of the Psalms although the page background made reading more difficult for me. The appearance and layout make it seem like something good for daily devotions. It is clearly made to have an artistic appeal in its general layout, translation style and writing.

The content is of some concern to me. I am not comfortable with some of the theology that comes through in The Voice translation. Also, in place of “the Lord” this translation uses “the Eternal One.” This may be an accurate translation (I am not qualified to decide), but feels awkward on my tongue when I am reading. The use of italicized word and phrases helps highlight added material. Some of this material is part of the theology being added into this translation.

The devotions included vary somewhat in quality. Some seem relevant, modern and applicable instantly to most any reader. Other come across as vague poetry that is difficult to apply to ones life. Perhaps this is a positive aspect, since other readers will likely have a different purpose in reading that I.

The most important thing to me is, of course, the translation itself. I am not a fan of the translation choices of this version. For that reason, I would not recommend “The Voice of Psalm.”

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