Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Peace Treaty

I just happened upon this one today, though it appears it was published two years ago. It is called "The New Peace Treaty (Between God and Humanity)" and is a translation of the New Testament by R. Joseph Owles. I haven't found anything but adverts on book sellers' websites, so here's their blurb:

"The New Peace Treaty (Between God and Humanity) is a new translation of the New Testament. The purpose of this translation is to make the meaning of New Testament documents accessible to the average reader. The language is basic and often employs common slang. Highly theological or often misunderstood religious terms are broken down to their core meaning. Chapter and verse have been removed because they were added much later during the Middle Ages. The New Peace Treaty (Between God and Humanity) is designed for those who want the power and the clear meaning of the New Testament to come alive. It is the perfect translation for personal reflection and personal devotion. It is the first translation to look and read like what first century Christians would have heard if they lived in the twenty-first century."