Monday, September 28, 2009

Reader Friendly Edition Bible

A friend just e-mailed about a Bible I've not seen yet: The "Reader Friend Edition Bible" from Thomas Nelson. I can't find much information about it except that it came out this year. It is listed on where there is a short description. That description reads: "If you are new to reading, find reading difficult, or are learning English as a second language, this simply worded edition will open the door to comprehending God's Word. A faithful, accurate translation in clear, understandable language * Designed for every age and reading level."
Most other sites don't even have a description. I'll post more when I find out additional information.


  1. This is the New Century Version wearing a new hat. My friend briefly compared the two texts and they appear the same. This is what Thomas Nelson Publishers calls the NCV now that they own the copyright...

    1. Hi! I found this via Google. Last year I wrote Thomas Nelson about the Reader Friendly Edition and they told me it was "a branch of the International Children's Bible for readers who are no longer children but desire an easy to read."

  2. I have this version. If you have The Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament it is the same Bible. I love this Bible. I am one of the few young people who grew up on the King James. It is good to have more than one translation to read. I am in seminary and we are required to use the New Revised Standard Version. I hope this helps.