Friday, May 8, 2009

Expanded Bible New Testament

Late again! This one was announced on April 30th. I just read about it at Fredericksbug Church of Christ blog. This is a new Bible version from Thomas Nelson. The New Testament is ready and available in a PDF download. It is much like the Amplified Bible in its format. One blog reports that it is a revision of the New Century Version. I haven't found confirmation of that yet. Its predecessor, the Amplified Bible was finished in 1965 and updated (minor) in 1985. The expansions are marked to show if they are an alternate rendering, a literal rendering, a traditional rendering, a comment or an expansion. This is very helpful for study and keeps one from jumping about to different resources. Finally, there is an entry on the blog of Wayne Hastings who is the Senior Vice President and Group Publisher of the Bible Division for Thomas Nelson Publishers. The translators (revisers?) are Tremper Longman III, Mark Strauss and Daniel Taylor.

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  1. One blog commenter noticed a typographical error in the expansion for Matthew 2:8 - "astologers." If you notice others, be sure and send them a message. Hopefully they will be fixed before it hits the presses.