Friday, September 26, 2008

Weird google searches....

     All right, now some searches shouldn't work. After all, I'm just imagining what MIGHT exist and looking around for it. But Google will find it if it's out there. And this one is out there....
     The Gospel of Elvis is the New Testament retold starring Elvis as Jesus. (I searched for "New Testament for Elvis fans.") You can read it yourself on Google Books.
     It is a parody, not intended to be a real presentation of the Gospel (of course). So be warned that some will find it offensive. It is a harmonized account with "Vernon" instead of "Joseph" and "Gladys" replacing "Mary." Instead of ending up in Nazareth, they wind up in Nashvile. The whole thing is a transculturation, with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson as Pharisees and Sid Vicious as the man possessed with demons. While this may have been an attempt at a humorous parody, it turns quickly into an attack on Christian values. Some verses even have Elvis arguing with Jesus' teachings.

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