Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Script

This one was previously called "The Epic." The web site is still titled by that name. It is a rap production of the Book of John by Fred D. Lynch, III. Initially, I thought it was only a video product, but GodStyle Productions is announcing that Zondervan is going to publish this work, now called "The Script." It will be the book of John, a devotional and an audio CD. It was due to be released in September but is available from now.

A Sample: "1. As the master passed right on he saw a man standing there who was blind since the day he was born. 2. Gasping at the sight the discip's where quite surprised--empathizing & asking the Rabbi, "Why…it's got to be like that what did he do wrong, or are his parents paying for sinning cause blindness from birth that's strong--" (John 9:1-2).

Work is also underway on a similar production of Ecclesiastes. Lynch says it is written in "Spoken Word (which is a modern mixture of poetry and hip hop)."

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