Friday, July 4, 2008

New Page at my Site

I've added a new page to my web site. It is a rough listing of Bible links that I have found (especially facsimiles). Many won't show up in my other listings, but I thought they should be shared. Here is the current list:

Rough Bible Links Listing

Links added 07/04/08

Here is a Harmony of the Gospels by Carpenter Lant:

A translation of the four Gospels by Nathaniel Smith Folsom:

A Harmony of the Gospels by Frederick Gardiner:

A Harmony of the Gospels by Edward Robinson (looks to be the the Authorized Version):

A Harmony of the Gospels by Arthur Weber:

A. T. Robertson's Harmony:

This one is a New Testament arrangement. I haven't examined it to see if it is a new version.

A Harmony of the Gospels by Benjamin Davies:

A Harmony of the Gospels by William Henry Withrow:

Westminster version, vol 1 pt 2:

Westminster version, vol 3:

Westminster version, vol 4 pt 3:

A Harmony by James Mee Fuller:

Harmony, William James Herschel,

Harmony, William Arnold Stevens,

A New Version of the Psalms of David, by Nicholas Brady,

The Psalms, books of Wisdom and Canticle of Canticles, Francis Patrick Kenrick,

Translation of the Psalms and Canticles with Commentary, James McSwiney,

The Psalms in Metre, Charles Bagot Cayley,

The Book of Psalms, A New Translation, Horace Howard Furness,

Psalms, T K Cheyne,

Psalter, In English Verse, John Keble,

Psalms, J J Stewart Perowne (part 1),

Psalms, J J Stewart Perowne (part 2),

Odes and Psalms of Solomon, J. Rendel Harris,

Odes, Harris, part 2,

Gospel of John in Greek and English, E. Friederici,

Gospel of Jesus Critically Reconstructed, Clayton Raymond Bowen,

Isaac Leeser Old Testament,

A New Version of the Book of Matthew,

Jewish Publication Society, 1917, (Much nicer than the google sourced copy),

Zechariah, commentary with new translation,

Ecclesiastes, new translation (poss. only part 1 of 3),

Song of Songs, new translation, Morris Jatrow

Ecclesiastes, new translation, Samuel Cox,

Song of Songs, new translation by Thomas Williams,

Psalms, new translation by Richard Cunningham Didham (possibly just volume 1 of 2),

Psalms Chronologically Treated with a New Translation, Moses Buttenweiser,

The Four Gospels, A New Translation, Charles Cutler Torrey,

New Translation and Exposition of the Book of Ecclesiastes, Benjamin Weiss,

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