Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coverdale Bible and Great Bible

Thanks to some new software, I have been able to finish a facsimile of the Great Bible of 1540 and the Coverdale Bible of 1535. Both are now available through the Bible Reader's Museum Store. Initially, I had cut the marginal notes out of the Coverdale Bible as many of them were obscured, especially in the gutter. With this new production, I left those notes in to provide as much of the original as possible. The scans I have showed the problems of the originals so be warned - some titles are cropped, notes in the gutter are often obscured (on the Coverdale) and just a few pages had some text obscured or lost. The Great Bible New Testament was "repaired" with some pages from another copy of the same year. Those of us who bought the New Testaments of both of those will have to buy both volumes of the new edition to have a correct set. If I did not do it this way, we still would have had to buy two volumes as the Old Testaments were too long to fit in one volume with's page limits. The new software I used for processing the pages made a better product as well.

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