Monday, September 1, 2014

Committee on Bible Translation

The Committee on Bible Translation is responsible for overseeing the text of the New International Version of the Bible. The Committee's website has biographical information on the members, information about the 2011 version, the story of how the NIV came about (the PDF version is longer than the short page on the site) and answers to many questions about the NIV.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Names Amplification Bible

Names Ampification Bible was produced by Peter Whiffin in 2012. It was published through CreateSpace. This was published in four volumes. Only volume four is available in print. However the entire Bible is available as a Kindle book. The Names Amplification Bible website has a bit of information about the Bible and the author.

  1. The Law
  2. The Prophets
  3. The Writings
  4. New Testament
The description on Amazon states:
The Names Amplification Bible has been produced for readers that wish greater understanding of the Bible. It’s for people who want to know the meanings of the names as they read along. There are 14,565 unique words in the King James Bible, of these more than 2,600 over 17% of the words are names. As a person reads along in the bible many names are not recognized, these names may as well be in a unknown language. How can one learn the bible without knowing the meaning of names? The Author has given you the meanings of the names in the Bible, as an example: Israel = “God prevails” or Solomon = “Peace.” As you read these passages, note the connection of the translated names with God’s intent.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Name in Heaven Bible

A Name in Heaven Bible was produced by Rickie Bartlett in 2010. The "Bible characters which were gay" includes the Ethiopian Eunuch, Potiphar, the Pharoah's cupbearer and baker and the seven eunuchs of King Ahaserus (among others) . While this version claims these people were homosexuals, it does not change scriptures against homosexuality ("You shall not have sex with a person of your own gender: it is abomination " - Leviticus 18:22). There is also a Revised Edition. The description on Amazon states:

A Name In Heaven Bible Revised encompasses the King James Bible and has been left in it's original pure text form with the revision of many old English terms and 132 scriptures. This pure origional translation is not cluttered with man made additives, opinions, or church dogma. These revised scriptures bring Bible characters and understanding to living color. These revised scriptures identify which Bible characters were gay. A Name In Heaven Bible Revised clearly proves gay, and lesbian people were honored, respected, and loved in Biblical times. Making ancient characters and events much clearer and more accurate for the modern world. One hundred and thirty two scriptures have been translated into the most modern terms available for the twenty first century. Preserving this translation true to it's origional form, clarifying Bible information and understanding that has been lost for generations.

The New Covenant

The New Covenant was produced by Robert LeRue Iddings in 2012. It was published through CreateSpace. This version contains the New Testament. There is no description on the Amazon page except that this is a "translation of the 27 books of the New Testament." The title page calls this a "A Paraphrased English Translation of THE NEW COVENANT." The introduction to the e-book edition states:

The Gospels of Mark and John and the Letter of Paul to the Romans are translated from the Greek Text of Nestle-Aland’s Novum Testamentum Graece. The rest of the books in the New Testament are translated from the third edition of Aland-Black-Martini-Metzger and Wirkgren’s book containing the Greek text and improved textual apparatus and entitled The Greek New Testament, published by the United Bible Societies in 1966. This translation has been checked against the Weymouth translation, Young’s translation, the New King James Version of the New Testament, The NIV, the Aramaic Bible and the Jerusalem Bible.  I have a great indebtedness to these various translations for they have often provided insight as to syntax and sense.
It is also available as a Kindle ebook.

Hebrew English Phonetic Bible

I recently found a Bible (in PDF) on the website of Hebrew World that is called the Hebrew English Phonetic Bible. It includes the Hebrew text of the Old Testament along with a transliteration and an English translation. The Bible is sold as a PDF on a CD-ROM. The copyright date is 2008. Of course, my interest is in the English translation. I wrote them to ask about the version. It is "very close to the King James version." It is described as "the one used in Israel." Does anyone know more history about this English version? Who developed it? When was it first available? I am curious about an English text being used in Israel that I haven't heard about!

The Kingdom of God Version. The New Testament. Revised.

The Kingdom of God Version. The New Testament. Revised. was produced by Raymond C. Faircloth in 2013. It was published through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. There is an interview with the translator here. The link above is for the revised edition. The first edition is available through third party sellers here. The description on Amazon states:

Most versions of the New Testament are the product of committees, which generally render the inspired Greek text according to their theological doctrines, many of which came into existence centuries after the New Testament documents were written. This thoroughly revised edition of The Kingdom of God Version expresses the text without those traditional biases. This rendering of the inspired Christian writings avoids much of the jargon as well as dated and inaccurate terms found in the general versions. Also this is presented in contemporary and easy to read English. This presentation of the text deals with a number of issues concerning the syntax and punctuation according to the context. The copious notes in the appendix provide the reasons for many of the phrase choices used. The Subject Concordance has been expanded significantly.

Thanks to DJ for this one.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The New Testament In Plain and Simple English

The New Testament In Plain and Simple English was produced in 2012. It was published through Createspace/BookCaps. I found this quote from Matthew very interesting:

This is the geology of Christ including fourteen generations, from Abraham to David, and from David to the Babylonian exile.
The description on Amazon states:
Have you ever wanted to read the Bible, but every time you open it up to try it just doesn't make sense? BooKCaps is here to help with this translation of The New Testament. This translation is based on the King James Version. It contains both a comparative version of each version and a standalone version of the modern translation.

UPDATE: The preview of the Kindle version has both the comparative version and the standalone version. The preview of the paper copy appears to have only the plain and simple version.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Enhanced American Standard Version

The Enhanced American Standard Version of Jude is the work of Robert Alan King. It is
is based on the ASV and the original Greek. It stays true to the Greek as much as possible while also ensuring a smooth and understandable read with an enhanced clarity and richness.
According to Smashwords, it was published April 16, 2014. "Words in brackets are absent from the Greek text, but implied." Also, if you aren't reading this one on a black and white reader, "some specific words or phrases have been marked with the same specific color to emphasize what appear to be deliberate correlations of the same Greek word or relevant forms by the biblical writer."

Thanks to JH for notice of this version.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Simplified New Testament Study Bible

The Simplified New Testament Study Bible was produced by Glenn Rogers in 2009. It was published through Mission and Ministry Resources. John 1:1 reads:

Before anything else existed the Word always existed. Not only was he always with God, the Word was God.
The description on Amazon states:
In The Simplified New Testament Study Bible, Dr. Glenn Rogers provides a contemporary translation and explanation of the New Testament that helps the reader understand and apply the biblical message to his or her life in meaningful ways.

Thanks to DJ for this version.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scripture interpretations by Frederick Smith

Today I found a series of Scripture interpretations by Frederick Smith. All are available through Kindle Unlimited.

A Superior Rendering of the Gospel - What Messiah Himself Actually Said

A Superior Rendering of the Gospel - What Messiah Himself Actually Said was produced by Orion LeRoy Moses III in 2012. This translation takes into account the "shuffled manuscript theory." This theory posits that the original manuscripts came apart, were shuffled out of order and subsequently copied that way. The translation is described as a "functionally literal translation of the more conservative Majority Greek Text." Visit the Amazon page for a full description.

Original Gospel of Matthew: The Final Reconstruction of the Earliest Matthew

Original Gospel of Matthew: The Final Reconstruction of the Earliest Matthew was produced by Standford Rives in 2012. The description on Amazon states:

Standford Rives seeks to provide the best approximation of the original Gospel of Matthew in Hebrew. There is no disputing Matthew wrote his gospel in Hebrew. In about 400 AD, Jerome translated it from a copy at the Library of Caesarea. It was quoted dozens of times by the earliest church commentators. Jerome explained that our Greek version of Matthew came from this Hebrew version. Jerome noted a score of variants that were interesting. Rives takes the 49 quotes in the early church and combines them with the best sources that reflect the early Hebrew Matthew, such as the Shem-Tob version of Matthew. In addition, Rives uses the Agrapha -- early quotes of the Lord Jesus by the early church commentators but which do not match any surviving gospel. Scholars regard the Agrapha as likely sayings from the original Hebrew Matthew. They are thus restored in this volume. Also, Jesus' sayings contained in the Didache -- the oldest manuscript of sayings of Jesus which are similar to Matthew --- has numerous interesting variants. It too is believed to contain much from the original Hebrew Matthew.