Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Friday, February 16, 2018

"The Alpha & Omega Bible"

I recently received the following information from Pastor Tim Carpenter.  He wrote:
I would like to introduce to you a translation of the bible that I have published, called "The Alpha & Omega Bible". It is very unique. It uses the name "JESUS" in much of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is mostly a revision of Sir Lancelot Brenton's translation of the Greek Septuagint and it also includes the Apocrypha. However, it is NOT solely based on Brenton's translation. The Old Testament translation also considers Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts including the Dead Sea Scrolls. So although the Old Testament is based mostly on the Greek Septuagint, it also considers older Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts in an attempt to restore the actual original Hebrew language bible. The Alpha & Omega Bible includes the New Testament based on the Codex Vaticanus, but influenced also by admissions of the Catholic Church that they changed the text, and all available New Testament comparisons. The words of GOD are in red or bold in Genesis, Exodus, Amos, Micah, the New Testament and a few other select verses throughout the Old Testament. It is a study bible that includes notes that are not based on traditional denominational thinking. It is available in 3 low cost volumes, or a more expensive 5 volumes that offers larger print and larger margins.

It can be downloaded for free, or purchased in paperback at or Amazon.

You can learn more at

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Doric New Testament

Just saw a post about the Doric New Testament on Facebook.  According to Wikipedia,
The term "Doric" was formerly used to refer to all dialects of Lowland Scots, but during the twentieth century it became increasingly associated with Mid Northern Scots.
 A very brief website for this work by Gordon Hay is here.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

NRSV Update

After quite some time, the NRSV will be getting an update.  I first heard about it on Facebook.  Here is a blog post about it on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Remedy New Testament

Another new item I just heard about on Facebook.  This one is called the Remedy New Testament by Timothy R. Jennings.  It is available in print on Amazon.  It is available for reading online here.  An excerpt from the preface:
Sadly, by the time the Bible was eventually translated into the language of the people, the imposed law construct was deeply engrained orthodoxy. Essentially, all Bible translations have been done by people operating through the lens of imposed law. What this means is that Bible translations artificially introduce imposed law with fear-inducing ideas about God.
This Bible paraphrase offers an alternative. My bias is that God is the Creator, Builder, and Designer and, when He constructed His universe, He built it to operate in harmony with His own nature of love. Thus, God's law is not a set of imposed rules, but the design parameters on which He built life to exist. The Remedy is an expanded Bible paraphrase in which interpretation is filtered through the lens of God's design law of love, the template on which life is built. This paraphrase is intentional in its focus to reorient the Christian mind to God's character of love and His mission to heal and restore humankind, as taught by the early church.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Pure Word

Someone just posted about this item on Facebook.  As always, I post notices about new works but that does not mean I support, endorse or own them.

The website for this work is here.

The description from Amazon is as follows (misspellings original to the description):

The Pure Word is an unprecedented New Testament resource that reveals the original Koine-Greek depths-of-meaning from the time of Christ using breakthroughs in monadic-based hermeneutics. The Pure Word was translated from the original Greek of over 20-years of research and utilitzes a propriority intelligent contextual based systematic translation engine. By it's very nature, the translation process bypasses human influence, cultural and political influence and reveals the the intended depth-of-meaning as originally written and understood at the time of Christ and the early Church. Discover why many consider The Pure Word an invaluable tool to be used alongside your favorite version of the Bible to experience deeper scriptural meaning that has never before been achievable in English.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Protestant Bible Correctly Translated

I recently discovered The Protestant Bible Correctly Translated by William Harwood (World Audience, 2009).  The information on Google Books has the following introduction:
There has long been a need for a translation of the Judaeo-Christian Bible that did not deliberately mistranslate certain words and sentences for the purpose of concealing that the biblical authors' beliefs were quite different from those of modern Jews, Christians and Muslims. For example, "The LORD" is a falsification of the proper name Yahweh, a god like Zeus or Jupiter. But the most blatant fraud has been the rendering of the Hebrew word allahiym as the male proper name, "God." Allahiym is neither a proper name nor singular nor unisexual. Al means a god. The suffix -ah is a feminine singular inflection, so that allah means "goddess." The suffix -iym is a masculine plural inflection, making allahiym a dual-sex, generic plural, "male and female gods," or, in the common gender, "gods." This translation corrects such falsifications.

This has many unusual renderings, such as the following:

With his fart he has filled the skies.  His hand conjured up the swift serpent. (Job 26:13)

The New American Standard Bible renders this verse:

By His breath the heavens are cleared; His hand has pierced the fleeing serpent. (Job 26:13)

There are also notes interspersed with the text.  This work is published by It is also available on Amazon.

----------------------------Addendum (12/28/2017)---------------------------------

I list every Bible I find.  Some are translations, some are revisions, and some can be very offensive (or worse).  The above item I found and listed without doing any further research.  I don't have the time and good health I use to so I mainly just post notices that I found something.  Pastor Tim Carpenter checked up further:
The author of "The Protestant Bible Correctly Translated" is NOT a Christian. He is atheist. This is NOT a bible, but rather is an attempt to discredit the bible. On the cover page of the book at Amazon, it says that it is FICTION. And in the introduction, it says that scholars know that the bible is a fictional novel. Therefore, this publication should not be considered as a real translation of the bible. It's NOT a bible, it's an attack against the bible.

Friday, November 17, 2017

New American Standard Bible update

This was recently posted on the Lockman Foundation FaceBook page:
From the Translation Committee:
Our primary concern is that NASB remain the best English Translation available. To that end, we are still working hard in the Old Testament and this means that the publication, at this point, will be late 2018 to early 2019. We do not want to rush the update because so many faithful pastors and scholars depend on the NASB and we want to make sure that you have the best translation of the Holy Word that can be put in your hands. Thank you so much for your patience while we work.
In response to a question they also stated:
It will be more significant than was originally anticipated, a bit more than the update from the 77 to 95 text

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Book and Bible Rebinding

It seems that there are more and more skilled bookbinders lately.  Perhaps I just hear about them more.

Whichever it is, I've found one that may interest many of you.  It is called Monk's Bookbinding.  His website says:
With over 16 years of experience we specialize in old world hand bookbinding and book restoration. Bibles, cookbooks, antique leather bindings and yesterday's paperbacks all find their way to our workbench.
Joseph Ramsey, the bookbinder, learned and perfected his craft during the 11 years he spent as a Benedictine monk. During his years as a monk and afterwards as a bookbinder in Chicago he repaired or rebound literally thousands of books. Now he has set up a small bindery in historic Ellensburg, Washington where he lives with his family.
Let us repair or rebind your most treasured books and we will add centuries to their lifetime.
Look through the pictures of his work.  For those looking to have a Bible rebound in a historically accurate style, he appears to be a great choice.  He also has a Facebook page.  If you have or had something rebound by him, please leave a comment.

Friday, July 21, 2017

News on the update to the New American Standard Bible

The following notice was posted on The Lockman Foundation's Facebook page:
From the Translation Committee:
Our primary concern is that NASB remain the best English Translation available. To that end, we are still working hard in the Old Testament and this means that the publication, at this point, will be late 2018 to early 2019. We do not want to rush the update because so many faithful pastors and scholars depend on the NASB and we want to make sure that you have the best translation of the Holy Word that can be put in your hands. Thank you so much for your patience while we work.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Review: Zondervan Large Print NIV Thinline Reference Bible

Zondervan NIV Thinline Reference Bible

Large Print

Zondervan sent me a copy of their large print NIV Thinline Reference Bible for review.  The receipt of this Bible did not influence the outcome of my review.

As soon as you pick up this Bible you realize you are holding a quality construction.  The leather has a wonderful, soft feel.  It even has that new leather smell.  But the binding is not just for show.  Flip this Bible open and it immediately lays flat.  I scarcely had to fan the corners at all.  The binding is so good that even in Genesis and the concordance there is little to no text in the gutter.

The font is large and bold enough for me to read clearly with my progressive lenses.  Bold section headings help greatly in finding passages.  I am able to sit at the table and read this Bible comfortably.  I don't have to hold it at arms length to get a good focus!

The paper is average quality.  There is some show-through (also known as ghosting).  In some passages with more white space I found it a bit distracting.  I am pretty sensitive to ghosting so others may not find it a problem at all. The type of lighting makes a difference as well.

One feature I really appreciate is the parallel verses listed underneath the section headings.  This feature is used in the Old Testament and the New.  Anywhere it is relevant to list other passages with the same information you will find this handy feature.

Compared with the NIV Giant Print Compact (GPC) the print is smaller and the Bible larger.  The Thinline Reference is for both reading and studying while the GPC is designed for sitting down and reading longer sessions. Both have a simple elegance that is very appealing.  The two make a good pair that should cover nearly every usage.

This binding is one of my favorites of all the regular commercial Bibles.  Obviously publishers like Schuyler and Allan produce high quality bindings.  But it is wonderful that mainline publishers are now entering the premium Bible market.  I am not much for fancy bindings no matter how beautiful they look.  But bindings that last for decades and open flat for better reading are a blessing.  Zondervan's premium bindings have what I call simple elegance.  The covers are not for admiring; the covers invite you to open them and read God's word!

I happily recommend this Bible with one concern:  This is a pricey Bible at $129.99 retail.  Online it can be found for $80 to $118.  However, the construction is high quality — well worth saving up to purchase.

The Bible:
  • Published by Zondervan
  • Printed in China
  • Ebony Premium Leather
  • Two-Piece Cover
  • Rounded Corners
  • Tight Binding
  • 1,460 pages
  • Perimeter Stitching
  • Sewn Binding
  • Lays Flat
  • Bible Measures 6.5 inches wide x 9.625 inches high x 1.25 inches thick
  • (Pictures may make Bible look larger, please note actual measurements listed here)
  • Silver Page Edging
  • Silver Printing on Spine
  • 2 Black Ribbon Markers
  • Presentation Page
  • Retail Price = $129.99
  • Boxed
  • ISBN: 978-0-310-43637-9

Introductory Material:
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Books of the Old and New Testaments

The Text:
  • New International Version (2011)
  • This is #9535.110 in The Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions
  • Double Column Text
  • Large Print
  • Approximately 10 Point Type
  • Paragraph format
  • Center Column Textual References
  • Footnotes
  • Words of Christ in Red
  • Chapter Headings
  • Sectional Headings
Study Helps:
  • Table of Weights & Measures
  • Concordance
  • Color Maps
Extra Features:
  • Beautiful leather smell!
  • Extra-thin Edition
  • Two Piece Cover
  • Beautiful Patterned End Papers
  • Section Titles with Parallel Passages Listed

Review: Zondervan NASB Classic Reference Bible

Review:  Zondervan NASB Classic Reference Bible

I recently received Zondervan's NASB Classic Reference Bible for review purposes.  The receipt of this Bible did not affect my review either way.

The retail price for this is $59.99; It sells online for about $38.00 (USD).  The same text block bound in bonded leather sells for about $12 less.

This Bible is bound in top grain leather.  This type of binding often causes confusion.  When we see the phrase "top grain leather" it is natural to think "top quality leather."  But it is much different from Zondervan's "premium leather" bindings (such as their Giant Print Compact NIV).  This top grain leather feels like bonded leather.  It is a bit stiff and has the same finish as that applied to bonded leather.  Top grain leather is not, however, a composite product like bonded leather.  I would like to see a top grain leather Bible after 10-20 years of use to see how it holds up over time.  The binding on this is exactly like that on Zondervan's NASB Study Bible.

This is sold as a "lay-flat" Bible.  When first unwrapped, it definitely needs work.
Zondervan recommends "loosening the binding of your new Bible by gently pressing on a small section of page at a time from the center."  Also, like many new Bibles, the pages stick together because of the gold page edging.
Fanning the page corners through a few times releases all or most of those corners.  Doing this and pressing the sections the Bible lay fairly flat.  It looks like frequent use will soon loosen this Bible up nicely.
The paper used in this Bible is average quality.  Show through of the text may bother some readers who are sensitive to "ghosting."  On pages with charts or more white space the page takes on a grey background due to the show through.  Pages with more text are much better.

The font size is about 8-9 points.  I wear progressive lenses; this text is a bit small for my eyes.  There is always a trade off between text size and Bible size.  This is a thin, easily portable Bible.  That means the font size is smaller to compensate.

Overall, I wouldn't be as likely to use this Bible.  That is because of my eyesight and problems with show through.  There isn't anything wrong with this Bible; it is a solidly built book with a great text.  But I prefer 10-11 point text for my daily reading and study.  My ideal Bible would be exactly like Zondervan's NIV Giant Print Compact but with the NASB instead.

I look forward to seeing what Zondervan NASB Bibles will come out with the new update to the NASB text.

The Bible:
  • Published by Zondervan
  • Printed in China
  • Black Top Grain Leather
  • 1,263 pages
  • Sewn Binding
  • Lays Flat
  • Bible Measures 5.625 inches wide x 8.875 inches high x 1.188 inches thick
  • Gold Page Edging
  • Presentation Page
  • Kept in a smoke free environment.
  • Retail Price = $59.99
  • ISBN: 978-0-310-93129-4

Introductory Material:
  • Foreword
  • Preface to the New American Standard Bible
  • Principles of Translation
  • Explanation of General Format
  • Abbreviations and Special Markings

The Text:
  • New American Standard Bible (1995)
  • This is #8100.120 in The Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions
  • Double Column Text
  • Approximately 8-9 Point Type
  • Verse by Verse Format
  • Paragraph Markers
  • Center Column References
  • Center Column Textual References
  • Words of Christ in Red
  • Chapter Headings
  • Sectional Headings
Study Helps:
  • Concordance
  • Promises from the Bible
  • Perspectives from the Bible
  • Color Maps
Extra Features:
  • Warranty: Six years for defective binding
  • Gold Filigree on Inside of Cover
  • Average Paper - show through may bother some readers
  • In-Text Charts
  • In-Text Maps
  • In-Text Diagrams
  • Book Introductions
  • Book Outlines