Friday, February 20, 2015

NIV 1984 Bibles

If you like the 1984 edition of the New International Version, you probably know they are starting to get rare. It is hard to find good ones at a reasonable price now. still has some - and they don't price them at some ridiculous level. You can visit their closeouts section or try a search. I found a Noteworthy New Testament in which every other page is blank for taking notes. It is constructed in the style of the Moleskine notebooks. I also picked up a One Year Bible ("leatherlike" but suitable for a read through).

A fantastic source for premium Bible is, of course, On their NIV 1984 page they have several good Bibles still available. They also do not overcharge just because the translation is getting rare. I picked up the Cambridge bonded leather single column Bible for just $80. Also, shipping is free for anything over $75.00. While bonded leather isn't a premium option, this is a particularly nice one. It is pretty flexible and I found it very readable. There are photos of the two-tone imitation leather one here. The inside text block is the same as the bonded leather.

If you know of other good 1984 NIV Bibles, please leave a comment.


  1. Brad, If you want to expand your search beyond print, Franklin Electronic Publishers still sells their electronic Bible device. This allows you to read and search for words and passages: There is also the Original GoBible from 2008 and GoBible Traveler from 2010; these should have the 1984 NIV. There is also the My-iBible device from 2010. The last three devices are audio Bibles.

  2. The handwritten Bible Across America is only $20. I have one, and though it's a bit unwieldy, it's my favourite '84 NIV.

  3. We have a supply of NIV 1984 text Cambridge single column Bibles. These Bibles are brand new and have no markings at all. We have goatskin covers, burgundy French Morocco covers, two tone imitation leather covers, and black bonded leather covers. We also have some of these Bibles that are imperfect. I have just begun to sell the goatskins on ebay for a very reasonable price of $164 with priority shipping included. I have sold one and the buyer said he had been looking for one for a long time. So I thought others might be looking as well.

    1. Hi, please provide a link to your ebay site.

  4. The seller's ID on eBay is bhac5620. This link should take you to his page, then click on "items for sale":

  5. Thanks! & God bless!