Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Retsored New Testament

Willis Barnstone has made a translation of the New Testament now called the Restored New Testament. It's available at It includes the canonical books as well as the "gospel" of Thomas, Judas and Mary. Portions of this were previously published as "The New Covenant: Volume 1: The Four Gospels and Apocalypse. Amazon's description of the Restored New Testament is as follows: "From acclaimed scholar Willis Barnstone, The Restored New Testament—newly translated from the Greek and informed by Semitic sources. For the first time since the King James Version in 1611, Willis Barnstone has given us an amazing literary and historical version of the New Testament. Barnstone preserves the original song of the Bible, rendering a large part in poetry and the epic Revelation in incantatory blank verse. This monumental translation is the first to restore the original Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew names (Markos for Mark, Yeshua for Jesus), thereby revealing the Greco-Jewish identity of biblical people and places. Citing historical and biblical scholarship, he changes the sequence of texts and adds three seminal Gnostic gospels. Each book has elegant introductions and is thoroughly annotated. With its superlative writing and lyrical wisdom, The Restored New Testament is a magnificent biblical translation for our age."

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